K. S. Leigh : Developing a Pseudonym

A pseudonym for myself is something that I never truly thought of. On this blog, I go by Daisy because that is the nickname my boyfriend gave me, but I never truly thought about being published and have my actual name on the cover of a novel.

I love my birth name, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted my pen name to be just as important to me as the stories I wrote. So, I decided on K. S. Leigh. A pretty simple name, reminds me of C. S. Lewis, but it has a truly heartwarming backstory, at least for me.

The K. is for my real first name, given to me by my late mother. It’s a long name, I used to dream about growing up and changing my name to something a lot easier to say/spell. Now that I am that adult, I will decide to always keep my name. It is the last true connection I have with my mother.

The S. is for my real middle name. It is a feminine version of my fathers middle name, and so another familial connection there. I have only seen my father once in my twenty-odd years of living, but I can’t bring myself to disregard the only thing that connects us.

Now, the last name is where I tear up everytime I explain it. With my mother and father out of the picture, I was raised by my great-grandmother. She was roughly in her mid-60s when I came along, and I attatched to her as if i knew nothing different. She was my mother. And my father. And whatever else I needed. She passed away in 2010, and I have yet to completely come to terms with that.

I decided to commemorate her with the last name of Leigh, a different spelling of her middle name, Lee. She was the woman I most loved, and being able to have her influence my work in more ways than one is truly amazing.

If any of you are writers, I will ultimately say this: when choosing a pseudonym, be true to yourself. You can do all the research in the world and finally come up with a pen name that is sure to make you a lot of money due to analytics, but if you aren’t happy with it, what are you really getting out of it?

With Love, From Daisy


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