Love & The Depressed: How We Love Differently

‘I don’t believe in magic.’
The young boy said
The old man smiled.
‘You will, when you see her.


Everyone has experienced love in some way shape or form, but for those suffering from severe depression/anxiety or other mental disorder that make emotions a difficult situation, it is something completely different.

Love can be a major stress inducing mechanic of the human experience. We are bound to feel a connection with another being that we can’t always express or put into words. Living with Bipolar Disorder can be a tough cookie to break when being in love.

I have known my boyfriend for about two and a half years, and he is the one my heart belongs to. I consider myself lucky, because I can easily express how I feel for him, but sometimes instead of losing that, I will over do it. There are people who believe that you could never love too much. That is not always the case.

Some individuals have a difficult time getting out of bed when depression is creeping up on them, yet alone be emotionally functional enough to love someone. We can love too hard, or hardly at all. Though there may not be words, do not take this as disinterest. For awhile, I hated to be touched, which would make showing affection even that more difficult.

I speak for everyone with depression when I say that we are trying. Though we may speak differently, we have not completely given up on hope. Giving us time is the best way for us to feel safe, and most importantly, comfortable. 

So for those with a spouse suffering from this, I tell you hold on as long as you feel you can. It is there, it will come. We are just a little different.

With Love, From Daisy

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