Here I am, and all of my carnation glory!
Hello and welcome! My name is Daisy, and this here is With Love, From Daisy, my home away from home if you may! I’m a writer, a great friend, and every now and then I dabble in self-help.

This is my boyfriend Peri, though he doesn’t do much with WLFD, he is the greatest support system I have. He’s tall, cute, and a giant geek *which is why I fell in love with him in the first place*.

This is my Peri, the goofiest love of my life!
What inspired to me to start this blog was initially my experiences as someone who has a diagnosed mental disorder (or two!), Bipolar II and ADHD. Life can be difficult dealing with those but I push through.

This is also a space where I’ll rant about my writing. I am currently in the process of writing my first book. Literature has been a large portion of my life since the ages of about five or six. After years of reading someone elses words, I feel like it’s finally time someone read mine! I don’t claim to be a literary expert, but it is definitely a passion I hold dear to my heart.

Welcome to my little spot on the internet, I hope you enjoy!

Aral Tasher


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